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  • Dr.
    Harmony Dawson

    Dr. Harmony Dawson's chiropractic career started right here in Marshall on G. Drive after a run-in with a patch of black ice. After an ambulance ride to the Oaklawn Emergency Room, she was released with severe back and neck pain. After a couple of weeks of not being able to stand or walk without assistance, her medical doctor here in town told her to go to a chiropractor. The chiropractor noticed on her X-Rays that she had small fractures on two of her vertebra and her spine was severely misaligned. Thankfully it was something he could treat. A few adjustments later, she began walking straight again and was able to start to kick around a soccer ball. It was that moment, Dr. Dawson decided to become a Chiropractor. 

    She attended E.M.U. and then on to M.S.U. and finished with a B.A. in Human Biology. Dr. Harmony then enrolled at the prestigious Logan College of Chiropractic, graduating as a doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Harmony met her husband, Dr. Brent Dawson, while at Logan College and they began two very successful practices in Lexington, KY where they employed 12 staff including 4 doctors, and two massage therapists.

    In 2015, they bought a house in Marshall to renovate. After spending many long weekends here, the Dawsons knew that this is where they wanted to raise their kids. They love Marshall, the people, and being an active part of this wonderful community.

    Both Drs. Dawson have helped thousands of patients are trained in multiple techniques and have treated all ages, from the 94 yr.+ men and women, to newborn babies, to the high school athletes. 

  • Dr.
    Brent Dawson

    Dr. Brent Dawson, D.C. grew up in Florence, KY whose path to chiropractic is similar to Dr. Harmony's. At the age of 14 he started having severe lower back pain. He was unable to bend down to the floor to do something as simple as tying his shoes. Sports and other activities were completely stopped due to the pain. After a few weeks without improvement from his pediatrician, his mom took him with her to the chiropractor. 

    He started to see improvements very quickly and decided at the age of 14 to become a chiropractor. 'I don't know what he did, but I want to be able to do that (for others)', he remembers telling his mom. Dr. Brent attended the University of Louisville on a full academic scholarship. He graduated in 2000 with honors with a B.S. in Biology (pre-med). He received a B.S. in Human Biology from Logan College in 2002 and he then received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College in December, 2004.  Dr. Brent has a passion for using manual adjustments for patients with severe lower back or neck issues.  He finds that his technique allows him to help many patients that have not gotten relief elsewhere.

  • Dr.
    AJ DeMond

    Dr. Desmond's chiropractic history started at the age of 14. After learning the health benefits of chiropractic he became interested in the athletic benefits in performance as well as injury prevention. He accomplished a National Championship while bowling for Wichita State University. With further interest in chiropractic and its benefits, he attended Life University graduating in 2008 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Dr. Demond practiced in Coldwater, Michigan for 12 years prior to joining Marshall Chiropractic Life Center. During this time he treated families of all ages as well as international gold medalists and professional athletes. Dr. Demond is excited to join and take care of the Marshall community. 


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